Call for Papers: Call for papers for Special Issue on Decolonising the Curriculum in HE

We invite authors to submit original articles that focus on thought-provoking topics on the theme of ‘Decolonising the Curriculum in Higher Education’.  Themes that might be explored (although this is by no means an exhaustive list) include:
  • What do we know about decolonising the curriculum? What does this term mean?
  • Why should we decolonise the Higher Education curriculum?
  • What might a decolonised Higher Education Curriculum and/or Institution look like? What needs to be done? Who needs to do it?
  • How might decolonisation impact on students, and beyond?
  • What are the benefits and/or challenges (including, institutional, systemic, political, economic etc.) associated with decolonisation? Why is it taking so long? What lessons can be learned?

Our goal is to bring together and showcase high quality and intellectually provocative papers that facilitate discussions about what decolonisation means for Higher Education Institutions.

Closing date for submissions: 30th September 2022

Please contact the Guest Editor Denise Miller or Compass Editor with any queries.