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Mackenzie, Hollie, Department of Politics and IR, University of Kent
Mackinnon, Lachlan, University of Greenwich
MacKinnon, Lachlan, University of Greenwich, School of Computing & Mathematical Sciences
MacNeill, Sheila, Glasgow Caledonian University
MacNeill, Sheila, Assistant Director at JISC CETIS, a JISC Innovation Support Centre, based at the University of Strathclyde.
Malik, Asif, Higher Colleges of Technology, Men's College Dubai
McKenna, Duncan, University of Greenwich
McNay, Ian, School of Education
McNay, Ian, University of Greenwich, London (United Kingdom)
McNay, Ian, School of Education & Training University of Greenwich
McNay, Ian, Professional Learning and Development University of Greenwich
McNay, Ian
McNeill, Elaine, Liverpool John Moores University
Mehmet, Nevin, University of Greenwich
Mitchell, Carrie, University of Huddersfield
Molnar, Aggie, London School of Economics and Political Science
Moore, J M, Newman University
Morris, Craig Martin, University of Greenwich