Launching an Interdisciplinary Network for Understanding Student Engagement (INFUSE)

Jeff Angera, Allison Arnekrans, Mark E. Deschaine, Kristina Rouech, Betsy VanDeusen, Tim Otteman


The Interdisciplinary Network for Understanding Student Engagement (INFUSE) began as a request to put together a team of faculty from each department within the College to focus on teaching and learning. Faculty members initially met and brainstormed ideas to pursue. A report of the United States National Survey of Student Engagement data spurred the team in a direction to explore student engagement and create a model for recognition of effective practices that are already occurring within the college and examine ways to increase student engagement throughout the college. A highlight of efforts to highlight effective strategies that can be utilized by faculty across the lifespan of a student were generated, with follow-up activities to engage faculty in prolonged study of student engagement techniques were implemented.

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National Survey of Student Engagement. (2007). The college student report. Bloomington, IN: Center for Postsecondary Research, Indiana University School of Education.


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