The Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) : yet more competition – and on the wrong things!


  • Phil Race Retired, but Visiting Professor at Plymouth University



Teaching Excellence Framework, TEF, Policy, Quality,


This opinion piece challenges the Teaching Excellence Framework on two grounds: it fosters competition in higher educatioin rather than collaboration, and it misses the opportunity to focus on assessment rather than teaching.

Author Biography

Phil Race, Retired, but Visiting Professor at Plymouth University

 Professor Phil Race is an Emeritus Professor at Leeds Beckett University, and a Visiting Professor at Plymouth University. He writes publishes on assessment, feedback and learning, his best known recent books being the 3rd edition of 'Making Learning Happen' (2014, London: Sage) and the 4th edition of 'The Lecturer's Toolkit' (2015, London: Routledge). He continues to present conference keynotes and workshops on learning, assessment and feedback throughout the UK and abroad. 


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