A complete Greenwich degree in a personal learning space


  • Geoff Rebbeck Greenwich University




personalised learning, eLearing, Assessment, Graduate attributes,


This Case study shows and explains the issues and value of placing a whole Greenwich first degree completed in Jan. 2007 into an e-portfolio. The purpose is to show proof of concept that it is possible and how it looks in basic form, when done retrospectively (6 years later).The completed portfolio was the presentation made at the APT Conference July 2013, audience members also able to access and explore it on personal devices in the session.The Case Study considers whether a degree can be presented inside a portfolio, what the issues are in creating a degree portfolio like this, what limitations may be encountered in the process.It then evaluates the value of this approach, and what might be done with a Greenwich University degree in this form.


The presented Portfolio at http://tinyurl.com/pebbledegree

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Transcript of an Open Lecture given in 2012 on Personal Learning Spaces (e-portfolios) and digital reputation. Accessed at http://vimeo.com/channels/uogedu/52201388