Design Students Blogging: A Case Study of Identity and Convenience


  • Sancha de Burca University of Kent at K College & The Graphic Design Project



blogging, education, design, graphic design, convenience


University of Kent HND and BA students used blogs as part of their back-up work while studying graphic design at K College campus 2011-2013. Initiated as an activity to help professionalise the working identitiesof the learners the blogging activity developed into an exploration of how best practices were afforded by the logistics of blogging and how convenience was perceived as a motivating factor. The paper offers an explanation of how the affordances of blogging convenience enabled more efficient and effective design and education practices to emerge.

Author Biography

Sancha de Burca, University of Kent at K College & The Graphic Design Project

Sancha de Burca was until July 2013 Programme Leader for the University of Kent's HND at K College, Tonbridge. She still tutors on the course. She is also Programme Director of The Graphic Design Project.


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