Engagement in Online Learning: A Case Study on MBA Students Undertaking Professional Internships

Hanna Yakavenka, Riccardo De Vita


This study is a critical evaluation of the online interactions of learners registered on a professional development course which will contribute to the general academic debate and assist in the design of a specific course. From a theoretical point of view, existing studies reported that one of the major obstacles to successful online learning is the isolation of learners (McDonald et al., 2005). A detailed visualization and analysis of online engagement and communication is discussed through the use of appropriate methodologies. The course under investigation was recently reviewed and stronger emphasis was put
on online activities to leverage the properties of Moodle. An analysis of students engagement and performance is deemed extremely relevant for the course and the improvement of the overall learning experience of its participants.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.21100/compass.v3i6.153


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