The Experience of Online Marking and the Future Development of Online Marking Practice


  • Sandra Rankin School of Health & Social Care University of Greenwich
  • James Demetre University of Greenwich, School of Health & Social Care



This case study describes a snapshot of the use and the perceptions of online marking (OM) via Turnitin within the School of Health & Social Care at the University of Greenwich. A small online survey was made available to teaching staff for a limited period of three weeks. The purpose of the survey was to informally review how staff felt about using online marking (OM) compared to paper marking. Those staff members who had already used online marking were invited to respond to three quantitative and two qualitative questions about their online marking preferences. A 28% response rate indicated that those who used online marking identified several positive aspects of OM such as handling less paper, the need for less storage space and increased quality of feedback to students.

Author Biographies

Sandra Rankin, School of Health & Social Care University of Greenwich

Sandra Rankin is a senior lecturer for the Department of Psychology and Counselling at the University of Greenwich and since 1999 has taught a wide variety of courses within the department. Among other developments, she is a member of the School of Health & Social Care’s E-learning Advisory Board which helps review software use and is keenly interested in future learning technology initiatives. Her current research interests include deception on the Internet.

James Demetre, University of Greenwich, School of Health & Social Care

James Demetre is a principal lecturer in Psychology and has for a number of years taught and researched on children’s psychological development. He is currently a Green Impact Sustainability Champion and developing an interest in psychological studies of sustainable living.