Addressing the Unconscious Bias Gap - A reflection on reactions to a case study on Unconscious Bias presented at the APT conference 2016


  • Karla Benske GritED Ltd
  • Sheila MacNeill Glasgow Caledonian University



unconscious bias, widening participation, curriculm design, assessment and feedback


This article is a reflection on the discussion that followed the presentation of an online resource on Unconscious Bias in Learning, Teaching and Assessment. It follows Rolfe’s et al (2001) reflective model of asking and responding to the questions of what? so what?; and what next?.

Author Biographies

Karla Benske, GritED Ltd

Director and Principal Facilitator, GritED Ltd, providing specifically tailored and academically enhanced organisational development and training on Unconscious Bias, Equality and Diversity, Recognition of Prior Learning, Project Planning and Evaluation.

Sheila MacNeill, Glasgow Caledonian University

Senior Lecturer, Department of Academic Quality and Development.


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