Let’s get personal: A call for personalised pedagogy


  • Diana Bath School of Education University of Greenwich




This paper seeks to open a dialogue around the process of inspiring life-wide learning. It aims to share a dialogue that began within one of the Inspiring Learners conference workshops, so as to generate discussion between colleagues in the fi eld of education. It argues that the process of becoming inspired is essentially an affective or emotional engagement that happens within the learner’s embodied experience. It explains why the impact of such learning may be life-wide. Paradoxically, this paper also suggests that our life-wide experiences may act as a barrier to our learning process.

Author Biography

Diana Bath, School of Education University of Greenwich

Diana Bath is a senior lecturer in education and childhood (early years) at the University of Greenwich. With a background in primary education, Diana has been delivering courses in higher education for seven years. In the last year Diana has been awarded a distinction in her Master’s degree undertaken at Canterbury Christ Church University which explored the use of dance movement psychotherapy (DMP) as an educational intervention. She has also completed Master’s level professional training as a dance movement psychotherapist at Roehampton University. She is a research and enterprise associate for the School of Education and her research interests lie in developing new ways to support professional development.