Understanding the Big Picture: The VFX HE Online Mentoring Programme


  • Jin Zhi University of Greenwich




VFX, Online Mentoring, Higher Education


VFX HE Online Mentoring Programme 2017 is funded by BFI & UK Creative Skillset. The project is led by the University of Greenwich and supported by three BAFTA Oscar award-winning VFX facilities: The Moving Picture Company (MPC), Framestore Visual Effects, (Oriental) DreamWorks. The idea behind this year’s programme is to give an in-depth understanding of VFX productions especially internal VFX pipelines, the internal collaboration between departments of world-leading VFX facilities, professional advice, VFX recruitment, etc. including hard skills as well as soft skills. We believe that VFX HE Online Mentoring Programme 2017 has provided a systematic chain of understanding and learning VFX, and a direct professional voice from the VFX industry to the UK VFX learners in higher education. 


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