Learning and teaching partnership narratives relating to the open course Creativity for Learning in Higher Education (#creativeHE)

Chrissi Nerantzi, Norman Jackson, Nikos Mouratoglou, Debbie Baff


In this article the authors share their experiences about partnership learning and teaching approaches they experienced within the open course Creativity for Learning in Higher Education (#creativeHE), linked to the postgraduate module offered by the Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT) at Manchester Metropolitan University in collaboration with the Creative Academic, London Metropolitan University and colleagues from other institutions in the UK and further field, such as the University of Macedonia in Greece for example. Through reflective narratives from student and staff learners on the course, a facilitator and organiser, insights are gained about their experience and lessons learnt are shared that will inform future iterations of #creativeHE and may also be useful for others who consider opening-up courses in higher education.


Creativity, Open Education, Open Professional development, cross-boundary learning, partnerships

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