Improving the attainment gap of Direct Entry Chinese students lessons learnt and recommendations.

Liz Warren, Dawn Reilly, Wenxian Sun, Iwona Vellam


The expansion of Chinese articulations, which offer Chinese students the opportunity to study in the United Kingdom (UK), by entering directly into the final year of an undergraduate study programme, has provided a financially attractive market. However, it has also raised concerns that these students do not have the same student experience as other students and so may find it more difficult to attain a good degree classification. The culture shock, in terms of day to day life and pedagogical approaches in the UK and China creates additional barriers unique to these students. Therefore this case study outlines experiences from two departments within a post-1992 Business School that has been recruiting students via articulations for thirteen years. The case study highlights the journey towards adopting new approaches to teaching these students, thereby reducing the attainment gap. Therefore, it offers an insight into which initiatives have proven successful, ineffective, and future plans to further reduce the attainment gap. The purpose of this case study is to share our experience of creating conditions that support student success.


Attainment gap; Business Education; Chinese Direct Entry Students

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