Effective Marketing Strategies to Promote Engagement with Online Mathematics Learning Support

Aoife Guerin, Richard Walsh


In this paper we report on the effects of a different marketing strategy on promoting engagement with the online Mathematics Learning Support (MLS) service (mostly screencasts) compared to our traditional advertising approach which was solely to send generic emails to students advertising the online services. The findings show that this new marketing strategy was far more effective than traditional methods of advertising in getting students to engage with the online service. This paper describes the approach taken and compares the engagement with the online services offered by the Mathematics Learning Centre (MLC) before and after utilising the new marketing strategy, the increased engagement from the trial group with the online services compared to the other groups, and the knock-on effects.


Mathematics Learning Support; Support services; Online support; Examination revision courses

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.21100/msor.v18i1.1000


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