A New Mathematics Input Interface with Flick Operation for Mobile Devices


  • Yasuyuki Nakamura Nagoya University
  • Takahiro Nakahara Sangensha LCC.




STACK, math input, mobile devices, flick operation


Developing online test environments for e-learning on mobile devices will be useful for increasing drill practice opportunities. To provide a drill practice environment for calculus using an online mathematics test system, such as STACK, we developed a flickable mathematics input interface that can be easily used on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. The interface developed using JavaScript and MathDox is mainly for entering mathematical expressions. When the alphabet or number keys on the interface are touched, various candidates of operation appear around the touched key. Flicking in either the leftward, rightward, upward, or downward direction performs the required operation, depending on the selected key. The number of key taps required for entering mathematical expressions on a mobile device using the proposed mathematics input interface is compared with the number of key taps required in direct input; direct input involves using the built-in keyboard of a device. The number of key taps is considerably reduced when using the new mathematics input interface. Furthermore, our new mathematics input interface is compatible with traditional keyboards. The keyboard is automatically selected based on the types of devices being used.


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