MathTOUCH: Mathematical Input Interface for E-Assessment Systems


  • Shizuka Shirai Mukogawa Women's University
  • Tetsuo Fukui Mukogawa Women's University



math input interface, mathematics, human-computer interaction, STACK


In 2012, we developed a new mathematical input interface with Java, named MathTOUCH. The interface facilitates the acceptance of a mathematical expression as input by interactively converting from a colloquial-style mathematical text (string). This input method enables users to input almost any mathematical expression without learning a new language or syntax. However, the user requires a Java-compliant device for mathematical input. In this study, we developed a reconstructed version of MathTOUCH by using JavaScript (HTML5) to enable the use of MathTOUCH across various devices. The result of our evaluation showed that students are able to practice their mathematical work on STACK using the reconstructed MathTOUCH as well as the previous version of MathTOUCH.

Author Biographies

Shizuka Shirai, Mukogawa Women's University

Department of Human Environmental Sciences

Tetsuo Fukui, Mukogawa Women's University

Department of Human Environmental Sciences


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