E-learning/e-assessment systems based on webMathematica for university mathematics education


  • Mitsuru Kawazoe Osaka Prefecture University
  • Kentaro Yoshitomi Osaka Prefecture University




university mathematics education, e-assessment, e-learning, CAS


After-class learning is quite important to understand and master college mathematics. To promote students’ after-class learning, we developed the web site “MATH ON WEB”, which currently consists of two systems; Web-based Mathematics Learning System (WMLS) and Web-based Assessment System of Mathematics (WASM). Both systems have been developed with webMathematica. WMLS is a system for assisting students’ self-learning and WASM is a system for an online assessment. We implemented blended learning environments with these systems and more than 600 students at our university learn with the systems every year. In this article, we summarize the feature of the systems and report the result of our teaching practice for first-year engineering students with these systems.

Author Biographies

Mitsuru Kawazoe, Osaka Prefecture University

Fac. of Liberal Arts and Sicences, Professor

Kentaro Yoshitomi, Osaka Prefecture University

Fac. of Liberal Arts and Sicences, Associate Professor


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