Creating statistics e-assessments using Dewis with embedded R code


  • Iain Weir
  • Rhys Gwynllyw
  • Karen Henderson



statistics, SPSS, R, e-assessment, Dewis


We report on the creation of statistics e-assessments using the Dewis system with embedded R code. Dewis is a fully algorithmic open-source e-assessment system designed and developed at the University of the West of England, Bristol (UWE). Dewis’ ability to communicate with the R programming language greatly facilitates the task of generating bespoke data and its subsequent analysis. This approach has allowed us to successfully test students’ ability to perform involved statistical analyses on individual data sets and led to the creation of a suite of open access online e-learning modules on the UK national statstutor website. Development of a Dewis-R interface allows the creation of sophisticated e-assessments solely by writing an R script file. The goal is to create a community of Dewis-R practitioners who will be able to author and share relevant, authentic and engaging statistics e-assessments that enrich the learning experience of students.


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