The Provision of Mathematics and Statistics Support in Scottish Higher Education Institutions (2017) A Comparative Study by the Scottish Mathematics Support Network

Shazia Ahmed, Peter Davidson, Kate Durkacz, Calum Macdonald, Morgiane Richard, Alan Walker


The Scottish Mathematics Support Network (SMSN) was formed in July 2008 with the aim of creating a support network for people working in Scottish universities who were involved with, or wished to be involved with, providing mathematical and/or statistical support for their students. The consensus of the SMSN is that increasingly more students need assistance with their basic mathematical and statistical skills than was the case in the past, and that consequently mathematics support is an area on which universities will need to focus on in future years. Through networking and professional development opportunities with other practitioners in the field of mathematics and statistics support, the SMSN have developed and maintained strong links with individual practitioners, and more broadly with like-minded groups such as thesigmaNetworkand theIrish Mathematics Learning Support Network. With the provision of mathematics and statistics support becoming more prevalent in UK Higher Education institutions, it seemed timely to assess the current state of this provision in Scotland, and to compare with the rest of the British Isles. At the 2016 SMSN AGM, it was unanimously agreed that such a study should be carried out with the SMSN committee taking responsibility for conducting the research.


Mathematics Support; Statistics Support; Higher Education; Scotland

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