Using LaTeX's moodle package and R's Sweave to easily create data-driven, up-to-date financial mathematics and statistics quizzes for Moodle

Agnieszka Jach


Preparation of Moodle quizzes which are data-based and contemporary tends to be tedious and time-consuming. By using innovative tools, this process can be simplified and automated, providing a substantial benefit to the teacher wishing to employ such quizzes, and ultimately improving student learning experience. The purpose of this article is to show how to create data-driven, up-to-date quizzes for Moodle in an easy fashion. The methodology is based on several popular, open-source, free tools, and its implementation details are demonstrated with an example. This makes the methodology readily-available to the practitioners.


reproducible; dynamic; data-dependent; free software; Moodle; R; LaTeX

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