What does decolonising the curriculum mean for STEM subjects?


  • Monica Fernandes Brunel University London




decolonising the curriculum, inclusive teaching, STEM


The concept of decolonising the curriculum is currently under widespread discussion in higher education. While it is clearer how this can be done in disciplines within Humanities and Social Sciences, it is less obvious how it may be achieved in the STEM subjects, which are based more on technical knowledge and problem-solving.

Author Biography

Monica Fernandes, Brunel University London

Dr Monica Fernandes is a Senior Lecturer in Academic Professional Development at Brunel University London. In addition to being the CPD lead in the Academic Professional Development Unit, she teaches Race, Gender and African History in the Politics and History department at Brunel University. She has experience of working in higher education in the UK and abroad, where she has helped academics develop their curriculum to support their students. Her interests include decolonising the curriculum, inclusive teaching, working with students as partners and increasing student engagement through creativity in teaching.


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