Mastering the transition: induction activities for Chinese students to facilitate adaption to the UK learning environment


  • Lianfeng Quan
  • Dawn Reilly



academic culture shock, Chinese students, direct entry, induction, library services, transition


Student induction, a key element of transition to university, is of great importance because it marks the initial face-to-face interaction between students and university staff and their introduction to learning in higher education. In the School of Accounting, Finance and Economics at the University of Greenwich, a tailored induction approach is used for incoming Chinese Direct Entry (CDE) students. The goal of this induction is to familiarise CDE students with the United Kingdom (UK) learning environment to counter the academic culture shock which international students can experience. CDE induction begins with sessions which explain UK teaching, learning and assessment approaches, followed by an introduction to the university’s library resources. Students then collaborate in small groups, applying the techniques and knowledge they have gained to analyse case studies. This immediate engagement with student-centred learning jumpstarts independent study skills, collaboration and friendships among CDE students.


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