Student Video Curation


  • Matthew Jones University College London
  • Snezana Lawrence Middlesex University
  • Brendan Masterson Middlesex University
  • Alison Megeney Middlesex University
  • Nick Sharples Middlesex University



Lecture capture, Student agency, Video curation, Student voice, Lecture evaluation


In the academic year 2020-21 Middlesex University maths students accessed all learning sessions remotely. Each of these interactive sessions was live-streamed, recorded and uploaded to our Virtual Learning Environment, providing hundreds of hours of recorded, unedited maths lecture for students to review.This case study reports on a project (partially funded by an IMA Education Grant) in which we invited undergraduates to reflect on their remote learning experiences and curate these video lectures. Students were asked to identify the most engaging, useful and interesting segments, and categorise and explain their choices in free-text comments to help us develop our approach to remote lectures and video resources.A total of 33 video clips were identified by students across levels 4 to 6 on our specialist BSc Mathematics and BSc Mathematics with Computing programmes. In this paper we will discuss our findings, illustrate with examples clips, identify themes in the student choices, and conclude with tips to produce engaging video content.We will also discuss applications of video curation as a social pedagogic tool for the current Generation Z students. We will argue that sharing how students interact with digital learning resources can help address the significant digital divide in education.


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