Vol 1, No 2 (2010)

Compass: The Journal of Learning and Teaching

Table of Contents

Editorial Team

Editorial Team
Simon Walker

Editors' Introduction

Editors introduction
Simon Walker, Wendy Cealey Harrison, Patrick Ainley, Ian McNay

Opinion Pieces

Do They Use Anything Other Than Google?
Sarah Crofts
What If We Taught Teachers to Think More Like Poets?
Jane Speare
The Institutional Benefits of Mentoring
Melanie Thorley

Case Studies

From Prison to Lecture Theatre: Open Book Drop-In Sessions at the University of Greenwich
Janice Larkin, Fiona Taylor
Communication and Presentation Skills A Little Help Goes a Long Way
Verna Rhodes

Research Articles

Patrick Ainley
Rita Headington, Alison Hales
Andy Gould, Mike Nicholls, Dai Hall
Maggie Gravelle