Vol 8, No 12 (2016)

Compass: Journal of Learning and Teaching

This issue of Compass reflects key current issues affecting Higher Education: observation of teaching, e-learning (with particular reference to flipped classrooms) and methodology designed to develop broad student skillsets to enhance employability. The issue also focuses upon ways of meeting the needs of ‘non-traditional’ students, explores a student champion approach to improving staff-to-student feedback and celebrates an occasion devoted to the creation of mobile phone apps.

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Table of Contents

Editorial Team

Editorial Team for Issue 12 PDF
Gillian Keyms

Editors' Introduction

Editors Introduction to Issue 12 PDF
Danielle Tran

Opinion Pieces

The role of teaching observations: Developing or managing academic practice? PDF
Martin Compton
Flipping the Debate PDF
Katie Stripe

Case Studies

More than one way to flip a class: learning analytics for mixed models of learning PDF
Alan Dix
Creating videos to assist students’ understanding of the graduate recruitment process PDF
Noel-Ann Bradshaw
Podcasting for Learning and Assessment in Undergraduate History PDF
Angela Byrne
Flipping Wounds PDF
Adele Atkinson
E-teaching as companion to e-learning; supporting digital pedagogies and practice in higher education PDF
Sue Watling
Southampton Feedback Champions: Students and staff improving feedback together, University of Southampton PDF
Laurence Georgin, Kristina Stuart, Rebecca Wainwright, Rameesha Anwar, Abisola Tina Hammed


Peer Observation of Teaching in E-learning environments in UK Universities PDF
Zeynep Kacmaz
The BCS Appathon Challenge at Greenwich PDF
Cornelia Boldyreff, Yasmine Arafa, Asif Malik, Andy Wicks, Gillian Windall

Conference Reflection Pieces

Movies in the Classroom: Lessons for Curriculum Design PDF
Jim Gritton, Jill Stewart, Charlotte Jeavons, Nevin Mehmet, Vincent La Placa

Technology Reviews

Panopto: the Potential Benefits for Disabled Students PDF
Clifton Kandler, Melanie Thorley